How Do I Activate Soft Token?

What is activation token?

You activate a token on a device that is used for authentication, such as a mobile phone.

This device is then used to gain access to protected resources that require multi-factor authentication.

The AuthPoint app must be installed on your mobile device before you activate your token..

How do I recover my BM online account?

According to POEA, account holders who have forgotten their email address and password may contact the System Administrator through telephone numbers 02-7219496 / 02-7277778 / 02-7210785 / 09173257397 or through email or

How do I use my Fidelity Bank Token?

To activate the Fidelity Token, simply login to the Fidelity Token app with your Fidelity Online Banking credentials. Once logged in, the app will authenticate your mobile phone and also request that you provide answer to any of your secret questions.

How do you activate internet banking?

BodyGo to any BDO ATM.Press “Other Services” button.Select “Activate Electronic Banking”Enter ATM Activation Code then press “Confirm” button.Choose receipt option.Enter your PIN.Get transaction receipt. FAQ.

How do I get a Fidelity token?

How do I get a token? For Fidelity token app: Download “Fidelity Token” from your mobile stores and activate using your Online Banking credentials (Available in Android and iPhones). For Hard token: Kindly visit a Fidelity bank branch in your location or send an e-mail to to make a request.

How do I activate my USSD code fidelity?

Unlock your phone. Dial *770# to register for the Fidelity USSD code on your phone. You will receive a menu and reply to option 1 (instant banking). You should be prompted to enter your bank account number.

How does a soft token work?

Soft tokens are software programs, typically downloadable mobile authenticator applications, such as RapidIdentity Mobile or Google Authenticator, that effectively turn a user’s device into an OTP generator. … Each time the authenticator app is opened, a random number is generated for use at a fixed interval.

What is a soft token device?

A software token (a.k.a. soft token) is a piece of a two-factor authentication security device that may be used to authorize the use of computer services. Software tokens are stored on a general-purpose electronic device such as a desktop computer, laptop, PDA, or mobile phone and can be duplicated.

How can I be exempted in OEC?

How do I apply for OEC Exemption? For USERS with BM Record: LOG-IN, UPDATE and SAVE Profile Page (Personal Data, Contract Particulars, and Beneficiaries) then CLICK “Acquire OEC or Exemption” for online assessment. Enter “Flight Date” (month/date/year) and confirm if returning to the same employer and jobsite.

Can I get OEC at the airport?

Can I get an OEC at the airport? Only OFWs who are on an emergency leave of five days or less with confirmed flight booking can get an OEC on their departure date. If this is your case, get an OEC at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) at the NAIA, Cebu-Mactan, or Davao International Airport.

How do I activate my BM soft token?

Download the Soft Token app on your mobile. Activate the Soft Token from your Internet Banking account. You will receive a One-Time password to complete registration. Scan the QR Code that will appear with your mobile phone from inside the Soft Token app to complete the activation process.

How can I get soft token?

Internet Banking Online HelpNavigate to Register for soft-token option which is under the user settings option.In the Register for soft-token page you have to enter the following details. … Then click Submit.After the submission you will be navigated to Register Soft Token Confirmation page.More items…

How do I register for BM online?

For New User, register in the system using your personal email account and click the Sign Me Up button. Open your email account to click the confirmation link. Log-in as Already Registered user. Enter your last issued OEC number.