Question: Does Recording With OBS Affect FPS?

Does OBS reduce FPS?

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OBS is a compositor and video switch.

It uses GPU resources in ways that QuickTime does not.

Any framerate you are able to hold in Minecraft without running OBS will be reduced when you launch OBS, unless you are already capping Minecraft’s frame rate below that level before opening OBS..

How do I record without losing FPS?

Basically you would take the cable from your PC to another PC with a video capture card. That card would record the video to the second PC’s storage. There are no FPS drops if you get a capture card that can support the intended resolution and equip the second PC with a fast processor and lots of storage.

Does streaming use CPU or GPU?

It depends on the number of cores in your processor. If you have a powerful GPU, GPU encoding is better. If you have a powerful CPU, CPU encoding is better. The recommended number of cores for streaming is 6 so if you have 6 cores you can easily stream your game play.

How do I reduce lag when streaming?

ConclusionDecrease your game’s graphical settings to free up resources to run at a higher frame rate.Decrease your stream’s resolution.Decrease your stream’s frame rate.Decrease your stream’s bitrate.Upgrade to a more powerful CPU.Upgrade to a more powerful GPU.Use a dedicated streaming PC with a capture card.More items…

How can I boost my FPS?

If you’d like to know how to increase frame rate without buying new hardware, here are the best things you can do:Update graphic and video drivers. … Optimize in-game settings. … Reduce your screen resolution. … Change graphics card settings. … Invest in FPS booster software.

Why is my game choppy when I stream?

Any higher than that and you may experience lag. Network lag in streaming means that there may not be enough bandwidth for you to stream smoothly. Your connection may drop, causing your stream to go offline, or you may be unable to stream in a high quality.

Why does my FPS drop when I record?

This is happening because recording uses CPU power, so you lose some FPS. You change change your encoding preset to NVENC to stop the FPS loss (will use onboard video enconder on your 1070 GPU) – follow this guide to do that.

Does recording affect FPS?

Yes. Depending on the PC it’s debatable whether it harms its performance enough to have a visible effect on whatever you’re recording, but it tends to drop the framerate on games if you aren’t using a really, really high-end PC.

Why does my game lag when I record with OBS?

You are getting some very minor encoding lag, just need to reduce the load on your CPU a slight amount and you should be fine. Your logfile shows you have your fps target value set to 120, this is most likely what is causing you to have such a drop in frame rate in-game. You should set it to 60fps in Video Settings.

Should I stream at 60 or 30fps?

Most online streaming platforms will back 60fps. At a minimum, you should try to stream video content at least at 30fps. As with video resolution, frame rates affect bandwidth requirements. Video content with a higher frame rate has more data to transmit compared to a video with a lower frame rate.

Why are my frames dropping in Streamlabs OBS?

Skipped frames occur when the encoder is overloaded, often with high CPU usage. Dropped frames occur when network issues exist and could be caused by servers or equipment.

How do I stream without losing FPS?

How to Stop Dropped Frames in OBSReduce the resolution of your streams. In general, the higher the stream resolution, the higher the CPU usage. … Reduce the bitrate of your streams. … If live streaming over WiFi try using an ethernet cable. … Check your firewall settings. … Broadcast to a server that is closest to you.

Does streaming lower your FPS?

You cannot stream without fps drops unless you have a dual PC setup with capture card.. streaming is demanding and no matter how you do it, unless it’s the before mentioned method, you will experience fps drops..

Is streaming 3000 bitrate good?

For 1080p video at 30 frames per second, the bitrate range is 3,000 to 6,000 kbps. That translates into speeds between 3.8 Mbps and 7.4 Mbps. … If you really want to live stream 4k video, doing it at 30 frames per second will require you to upload between 13,000 and 34,000 kbps.

Why is obs so laggy?

If your OBS games are stuttering, show fps drop, or are not streaming due to lagging issues, make sure the GPU of your system is not running at more than 90% load. You can monitor your GPU load by using GPU-Z. … If the GPU load is not more than 90 %, then this game is running on a CPU limit.

How do I record in 144 fps?

On the gaming system, open the graphics card control panel (for a gaming computer) or video settings panel (for a game console). Set the resolution at 1920x1080p and the output refresh rate at 144Hz (The frame rate of the output video signal will be 144fps).