Question: How Do I Cancel A PhonePe Payment?

How do I complain about PhonePe?

The official PhonePe toll-free helpline number is 0124-6789-345.

You can register your complaint by dialling on PhonePe customer care support number.

Moreover, if you find difficulties with the PhonePe app, you can use similar measures to lodge your grievance..

How do I track my PhonePe transaction?

You can also search for transactions of a particular consumer by entering the consumer’s phone number in the box “Mobile Number”. Additionally, you can also search for transactions done in any Store by putting in the Store ID in the box with label “Store ID”.

How do I get my money back from PhonePe?

There is no way to recover money if you send to a wrong recipients. Originally Answered: I sent money through PhonePe to the wrong mobile number. How do I get my money back? Call the no and ask him politely if he refunds you then your problem is solved.

How can I get my money back from a wrong transaction?

Try to inform the bank and bank manager immediately after the wrong transaction. Money will get back to your account automatically, if the account number you mentioned does not exists but in case the situation is opposite, you have to take immediate action.

What if amount is debited but transaction failed?

If transaction at ATM fails but your account is debited then the card issuing bank is required to resolve your complaint by re-crediting your account within 7 working days from the date of complaint. … However, to be eligible for compensation, the customer has to file the complaint within 30 days of the transaction.

Is PhonePe app safe?

The PhonePe is constantly working on making your transaction experience highly secure and safe. They use a mix of cutting-edge technology and strong risk and fraud processes to keep fraudsters at bay.

How do I remove my account details from PhonePe?

Open PhonePe application and tap on My Money. Select the Bank Account in the Payment methods section. Next screen you can see your all linked (added) Bank accounts. To remove any bank account, just tap on the Recycle bin button as you can see below the screenshot.

How do I cancel a PhonePe transaction?

Transaction initiated by customer can’t be cancelled by anyone. It will either go as failed or successful status. In case of failed, the amount will be reversed to the source accout. If successful, beneficiary will get the amount.

Can PhonePe transaction be reversed?

If your PhonePe transaction is showing ‘processing’ while you have already debited money to the wrong account, it is not possible to cancel the transaction or refund the money back to your account. Any transaction that has been initiated by the account owner is impossible to cancel.

Can we reverse UPI transaction?

Funds transferred once to a person cannot be claimed or reversed by Paytm. … Paytm Payments Bank account to other bank accounts. Bank account linked through UPI to other bank accounts / VPA.

How do I permanently delete PhonePe?

How To Delete PhonePe AccountYou will be redirected to the help screen.Select the My Account, KYC & App issues option.Tap on Account related issues and select Delete.Provide a reason for your request.Here you can find Contact Us button, simply tap on it.

How do I turn off phone pay?

If you have an Android phone, you might see the Google Pay app in your device’s list of apps….Uninstall or disable Google PayOn your device, go to your device’s Settings app. Apps & notifications. … Tap Google Pay. … Tap Uninstall or Disable.

What happens if online transaction failed but money debited?

If the transaction failed, the money will be reversed back to your account. … As it requires the bank to manually settle the funds, allow 7 working days for the amount to get reversed to your bank account.

Can we delete PhonePe account?

You cannot delete your PhonePe account. If for any reason, you don’t want to use your PhonePe account, here’s what you will have to do: Use your wallet balance for payments. … Delete all the card details you have saved on PhonePe.

How do I cancel a UPI payment?

Cancel money you sent to someoneOpen the Google Pay app.At the top left, tap Menu. Activity.Tap the transaction you want to cancel.Tap Cancel payment. If you don’t see this option, the recipient has already claimed the money or it’s too late to cancel the money. Ask the recipient to return the money.

How long does it take to get refund from PhonePe?

i) Debit Card is refunded in 7-9 working days from the date when refund was processed by the merchant. The average is 3-4 days. The refund is credited to the UPI linked account using IMPS. Refund is credited back on the same or the next day.