Question: How Do I Remove My Number From Line?

How do I delete my official LINE account?

From LINE Official Account Manager:Click the account you want to delete in the Accounts list.Click Settings > Account settings > Delete account.Confirm and agree to the warning, then click Delete account..

How do you find phone numbers on line app?

Find Friends by Searching Phone NumbersLaunch the Line app.Tap the “Friends” tab. You can also tap “More”.Next, tap the “Add friends” button.Tap the “Search” button.Select “Phone number” as your search method.Pick a country.Type in your friend’s number.Tap “Search”.More items…•

How do I log into line without a phone number?

The good thing to use your Facebook account is that your friends on Facebook will automatically be added as your LINE friends. This is the only way to get LINE account without phone number.

How do I recover my line account?

If you don’t know your password, follow the steps below to reset it:Open LINE and tap Log in.Enter your phone number and tap the arrow.Enter the six-digit verification code.Tap Yes, that’s my account. … Tap Forgot your password?Enter the email address registered to your LINE account.

How do I change my number on line app?

To change your phone number registered to LINE:From the Home/Friends or More tab, tap Settings > Account.Tap Change next to “Phone number.”Tap Change phone number.Enter your phone number and tap Next > OK.Enter the verification code you received via text message and tap Next.

How can I recover my line account without phone number?

If you have not registered an email address, your account will be deleted. If no telephone number has been registered, the account cannot be recovered if the device’s OS is reset, or if the user changes to a new device due to losing an old one.