Quick Answer: Can You Convert Airtime To Mobile Money?

Can I fund my bet9ja account with airtime?

Don’t get lied to any longer, Bet9ja doesn’t have any airtime depositing route.

You can’t deposit amounts to bet9ja through airtime transfer aswell..

How do I fund my bet9ja account with Access Bank Mobile App?

Bet9ja Funding from WalletTo log in, enter the five digits PIN you populated during your registration. Click LOGIN to proceed.Click on ‘Bet9ja & Lotto’ to fund your Bet9ja account.Enter your Bet9ja ID. … Enter Amount and Click Continue.Click Send Money.Enter your PIN to complete your transaction.

How do I transfer airtime to my bank account?

After you have signed up, log in to the platform and click on Fund E-Wallet and select airtime option. After you have select the airtime option click on your mobile network and input your phone number and the amount you are transferring.

How do you convert credit to cash?

Use Convenience Checks to Turn Credit Card into Cash with Lower Fees. Convenience checks are the checks that come with your credit card statement in the mail. These are blank checks you can write out to anyone. The same fees and interest apply, though, as using your credit card for a cash advance.

How do I convert Patricia airtime to cash?

Go to the Patricia App and sign in.On your dashboard, click on “Refill & Subscriptions”Select “Airtime to cash”Choose the network provider you would like to send airtime from and fill in the required information.

What is MTN OTP?

Johannesburg – Network provider MTN has warned of fraudsters scamming customers by asking for an OTP (one-time pin) and using the information to buy airtime and data using their cell numbers. … The OTP is sent and requested by a service or company, like online banking, to authenticate or verify purchases or transactions.

How do I transfer MTN credit to another phone?

You can transfer MTN credit to another number at any time by just sending an SMS to 777 with Transfer, Recipient’s Number, and Amount to be sent (for example, Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234′ to 777). 1234 is your new pin and 1500 is the amount you wish to transfer as credit.

How do you convert Uganda airtime to mobile?

Converting Your Airtime to Mobile Money in Uganda Hence, you can’t convert existing airtime to mobile money (at the moment), and the airtime reversal can only be made to the sending Mobile Money account.

How do I convert my Zoranga airtime to cash?

After login in to your Zoranga account click on deposit money and select �MTN Share and Sell� if you are MTN or “9mobile Transfer” if you are using 9mobile. Finally, you are required to transfer the airtime from your phone to the mobile number shown to you on that page.

How do I sell airtime on my phone?

Your cellphone is also an airtime vending machine One of the easier ways of selling prepaid airtime is through a cellphone. Essentially, once a customer pays the required amount, an SMS is sent to the airtime supplier, which then responds with a PIN code that the customer uses to buy the virtual airtime voucher.

How do I check my MTN transfer pin?

To retrieve your old MTN transfer pin just dial 180 (mtn customer care), tell them your name and reason for calling. They will ask you a few questions and give you directions on what to do, before 24 hours you’ll get your new mtn transfer pin or you follow the steps below.

How do you reverse a MoMo transaction?

Different ways to reverse MTN mobile money transferCall 100 within the first 15 days from the day you made the wrong transaction.Select your language.Select mobile money.Select wrongful mobile cash transactions.Select ‘speak to an agent’.Explain your situation to the agent on the call.More items…•

Can you convert airtime to money?

Aimtoget converts your airtime to cash and would pay you 80% cash after conversion. You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites. Aimtoget has an app on Playstore.

How do you make money on flash?

As a Flash Trader, you earn profit by selling Flash products. Each sale you make earns you a profit that will be added to your profit balance. You can then add this to your Flash balance to continue trading.

How do I load flash airtime?

Simply ask for any amount at your nearest FLASH shop, dial *130*3621*3*rechargePIN#, and safe, convenient cross-network airtime is yours.

How do I activate my MTN Uganda mobile money?

Register On MoMoUsing MTN Mobile Money.In store.Step 1: Visit your nearest authorized Mobile Money agent.Step 2:Upgrade your SIM to a Mobile Money-enabled card using a SIM swap.Step 3: The agent will take you through the registration process.More items…

How do Flash traders make money?

Flash traders earn a small percentage for each transaction processed on their devices, ranging from two to four percent per transaction. In the near future, vendors will also be able to facilitate money transfers by offering a cash-out service to their consumers.

How do you reverse airtime to money?

How to reverse MTN Mobile Money Transactions (Change Airtime back into cash)Dial *170#Enter 7 for Wallet.Enter 5 for Airtime Reversal.Enter 1 to confirm the reversal.

How do I transfer credit from one SIM to another?

Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Credit From Airtel to Airtel. To exchange credit starting with one airtel sim then onto the next, you have to enter the command as follows. 2U (space) Recipient’s telephone number (space) Amount (space) Pin. Then send it as SMS to 432.

How do I check my MTN mobile money balance in Uganda?

Requesting for a mini statementStep 1: Dial *165#Step 2: Select ‘my account’Step 3: Select ‘request mini statement’Step 4: Enter your Mobile Money PIN.Step 5: You will receive a notification.

How do I pay into my bet9ja account?

Simply log into your account, click on the deposit link on the main screen (illustrated on the right). You’ll then see a screen which offers you a range of deposit options. You can deposit through your naira debit card, bank collect and Xpath.