Quick Answer: Is Lowes Or Home Depot Better For Plants?

Is Lowes a good place to buy plants?

Of course, the shopping experience may vary by location, but the small price premium at Lowe’s seems an acceptable trade-off for a more reliably stocked garden center with better plant quality and variety..

Is it OK to buy plants online?

1. Is Buying Plants Online More Expensive? Well, probably. While you may be able to find “trendy” plants on sites like Amazon, you’ll almost definitely be paying more than if you could find them locally.

Where is the best place to buy plants online?

The Best Places to Buy Plants Online for Any OccasionBest for Beginners. The Sill. Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly. … Fastest Delivery. UrbanStems. Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly. … Cheapest. Amazon. Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly. … Best for Gifts. Bloomscape. Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly. … Best Selection. Etsy. … Best Surprise. The Bouqs Company.

Is it cheaper to buy plants at a nursery?

Bulk Ordering Allows Big Box Stores to Offer Cheaper Plants — but Fewer Types — Than Local Plant Nurseries. … Big box stores have the advantage of being a large buyer, and they can often get volume discounts on mass-produced plants that a smaller nursery would not be able to get.

Where is the cheapest place to buy plants?

Bloomscape. Bloomscape sends potted plants that and are shipped directly from their greenhouse, so you won’t receive any neglected warehouse ferns that look like they’re on their last legs. … The Sill. … Nature Hills Nursery. … Amazon. … White Flower Farm. … Horti. … Afloral. … Costco.More items…•

What does Home Depot do with returned plants?

If your plant dies before the year is up, you’ll need it for both a refund or store credit. You’ll only receive a refund within the store’s standard 90-day return window and, after that, you’ll either have to exchange it for another one or get store credit.

Does Home Depot deliver plants?

Free Shipping – Plants & Garden Flowers – Garden Center – The Home Depot.

Should I buy plants from Home Depot?

If You Have a Black Thumb, You Should Always Buy Your Plants at The Home Depot. We all know The Home Depot as the DIY mecca for home projects, but if you’re not taking advantage of its nursery, then you’re seriously missing out.

Is Walmart or Home Depot cheaper for plants?

Home Depot ranks as the best for overall pricing and selection. … Walmart had good prices but a poor selection of plants. K-mart came in a distant last of all four box stores. According to that website all the box stores were substantially cheaper than independent nurseries.

Where is the best place to buy plants?

The 7 Best Places To Buy Plants OnlineThe Sill. “This Instagram-favorite retailer started as a small shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.”Amazon. “As one would expect, the king of online shopping sells a variety of great houseplants.”Greenery NYC. … Bloomscape. … Home Depot. … Horti. … Plants.com.

Where can I buy cheap fake plants?

We’ve rounded up the best places to buy fake plants online, whether you’re looking for a houseplant, indoor tree or cacti.Target. Buy on Target. … West Elm. Buy on West Elm. … Wayfair. Buy on Wayfair. … One Kings Lane. Buy on Onekingslane.com. … Nearly Natural. Buy on Nearlynatural.com. … World Market. Buy on World Market. … Amazon. … Ikea.More items…•

Where does Home Depot get their plants from?

Rambo Nursery is among the more than 150 small growers who supply locally grown plants to The Home Depot stores. That means plants don’t travel far to reach your garden. This grower to garden philosophy and sustainable practice keeps plants fresh and thriving in your garden.

How can I get free trees and plants?

Places to Find Free Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers for Your Garden01 of 10. Visit Construction Sites. … 02 of 10. Curb Shop. … 03 of 10. Grow Plants From Cuttings. … 04 of 10. Host a Plant or Seed Swap. … Divide Existing Plants. Jennifer Richardson / EyeEm / Getty Images. … 06 of 10. Save Seeds. … 07 of 10. Take Advantage of Volunteers. … 08 of 10.More items…•

What should I look for when buying plants?

Plant Buying Guide: Tips To Avoid Buyer’s RemorsePlan before buying. … Avoid impulse buys. … Read the label. … Know the signs of unhealthy plants. … Choose buds over blooms. … Buy local plants whenever possible. … Check for a warranty. … Ask a certified nursery professional.More items…•