Quick Answer: What Benefits Do You Get With HSBC Advance Account?

Does HSBC Advance account have travel insurance?

Stay protected with Worldwide Travel Insurance provided as part of HSBC Insurance Aspects.

This insurance is available to customer aged under 70*.

You must be registered with a Doctor in the UK in order to make any medical claims or claims for cancellation or coming home early due to medical emergencies..

What is HSBC Advance?

Your HSBC Advance Debit Card gives you access to your money whenever you need it. You can use your card wherever you see the Visa sign and withdraw cash from over a. million machines worldwide, with no non-sterling cash fees from HSBC.*1. Emergency Cash.

Do you get money for switching HSBC?

HSBC UK is re-introducing its cash switching incentive for the first time in six months, the bank announced today. The cash offer of £125 to new customers, which will be available to switchers to the Advance and Premier current accounts, comes into effect on the 15th September.

What is an advance account?

Money given to an employee to spend for a specific purpose before the employee is expected to spend it. For example, a company may give an employee a corporate credit card in anticipation of that employee going on a business trip.

What is included in HSBC Advance account?

The benefits of HSBC Advance include:£500 daily ATM cash withdrawals.Contactless debit card.Preferential rate of 5 per cent AER/Gross on a Regular Saver savings account.£250 off booking fees on our Standard mortgage range.10 per cent interest cashback on loans for loans between £7,000 -15,000 over 1-5 years.

Does HSBC card cover travel insurance?

You do not have to use your HSBC Platinum Credit Card to pay for all or part of your travel tickets/accommodation costs to benefit from this cover. For further information about the cover and your eligibility please refer to the terms and conditions.