What Is The Last Date To Demat Physical Shares?

How can I demat my physical shares?

Here’s what you need to convert your physical shares into demat form.Step 1: Open a demat account.Step 2: Surrender the share certificates.Step 3: Wait for credit of shares to your demat account.Can your request for demat be denied?.

Is it compulsory to demat physical shares?

According to Sebi, no transaction for transfer of securities of a listed company, at a stock exchange or an off-market transactions between buyers and sellers, can happen in physical certificate form. So, all shares held in physical after March 31 will become illiquid except for transmission and transposition.

Can physical shares be transferred?

Transfer is a voluntary activity while transmission is act of law. The SEBI order of 2019 only bars transfer of physical shares. Transmission of physical shares is still permitted.

Can I sell physical shares?

It is just that you cannot sell the shares or transfer the shares if they are in physical form. Currently, you can send a physical certificate with the Transfer Deed (TD) and the registrar will send you the fresh certificates with your name as the registered owner on the certificate itself.

How long does it take to demat shares?

two to three weeksOnce the documents are verified, your physical share certificates will be converted into demat within two to three weeks. And once the shares enter your demat account, the depository Participant will provide you a statement of your holdings. You can then sell or transfer those shares during market hours.