Where Do I Send My Sun Promo?

Can I register 2 different promos in sun?

Yes, you may still use/register other Sun Prepaid promos even if you have an active subscription to any WAIS offer..

What are the promos of sun?

List Of Sun Promos 2020 – Unli Call And Unli TextPromo NameHow to register?ValidityTA 30Text TA30 to 2473 DaysWIN 10Text WIN10 to 2471 DayWAIS 100Text WAIS100 to 24715 DaysWAIS 200Text WAIS200 to 24730 Days9 more rows•Jan 1, 2020

How can I register unlimited call in sun?

Call Unlimited 20Call Unlimited 20. You can do so much with just your P20 and your phone! The new and improved Call Unlimited 20 is the only thing you need for one whole day of pure calling and chatting fun!Inclusions. CU 20 is a promo valid for 24 hours upon registration. … Registration. Simply register by texting CU20 to 247!

What Gigasurf 50?

Get Internet Anytime, Anywhere with Smart GIGASURF 50 GIGASURF 50 offers a whopping 1 gigabyte of data for open access. That means subscribers to this particular promo may visit any site or app. Not only that, but they get an extra 300 MB for data streaming (ie. Youtube and iflix).

How do I register nonstop 50 sun?

How to Register to Sun NONSTOP50?Check if you have at least 50 load balance.If you don’t, load up your mobile phone with 50 pesos.Create a new message, type NONSTOP50 and send it to 247.Wait for a confirmation message from Sun Cellular to arrive.Start enjoying your Non-Stop 50 promo.

How do you send the Sun to the Sun?

Sun Postpaid and Sun Prepaid subscribers in the Philippines can use the service to give load to other Sun Prepaid subscribers. How do I use Give-A-Load? Text GIVEamount or promo keyword11-digit mobile number and send to 2292.

How do I register for Sun promo?

Just go to any SMART Retailers near you or simply register your existing regular load to your favorite promos via *123#. To access your favorite SUN offers, dial *123# and select OTHER OFFERS. It’s that easy!

Can I Pasaload smart to Sun?

Smart Pasaload service allows the network subscribers to share their load as low as P2 to other network users, TNT, and Sun numbers.

How do I register for 20 Sun combo?

How to Register Sun Cellular COMBO 20 Promo for 3 days. You can subscribe through SMS keyword or load conversion and via Xpress load retailer. All you need to do is reload you Sun prepaid SIM card or account with 20 pesos and you are good to register with this promo.

How can we send load from sun to Globe?

Just simply text GIVE(space)Amount(space)11-digit Sun mobile number then send to 2292. Example format: GIVE 50 09421234567 to 2292. For direct promo Give-A-Load just text GIVE(space)keyword(space)11-digit Sun mobile numberand send to 2292.

How do I register 50 pesos in sun?

Sun GIGASURF50 : 1GB Data + 1GB Free YouTube Everyday for 3 DaysNot only Smart subscribers can enjoy GigaSurf promo but also Sun Prepaid subscribers. … To register, text GIGA50 to 247.Promo details: … 1GB/day for YouTube, iWanTv, iFlix, Cignal, and NBA + unlimited texts to all networks. … Validity: 3 days.More items…•

Where do I send ctu100?

How to Register Sun CTU100 Unli Call and All-Net Text Promo. Registration can be done through manual SMS text where you need to send the keyword to 247 or you can also directly dial their USSD code access number *247#. No need for you to memorize when you use the USSD dialing option.